A top 5 list of the best public health top 10 lists

Commemorating each New Year is an endless supply of top 10 lists. Typically these lists recount and rank some variety of preoccupation of the twelve months prior (books, movies, innovations, photos, you-name-it), while others offer predictions or resolutions for the year to come. In the world of public health, this phenomenon finds no exception.

Lists in general can tell us a lot about ourselves—our pursuits, anxieties, desires—when it comes to well-being, the majority of top ten lists portray very individualistic, very bio-medically skewed notions of health.  For this reason I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 public health top 10 lists which approach health with a greater consideration of the social determinants of health (SDOH). I’m only listing five because for all the top 10 health-related lists out there, I couldn’t find many that took this wider notion of health into account. If you know of any others please leave a note in the comments section.

Here goes:

5. The 2×2’s project’s “Public Health 2012: The Top 10 Stories of the Year”—This list discusses some of the major public health stories of the year, including US health reform, the NYC soda ban, and the health impacts of Hurricane Sandy. It made the cut for approaching these stories with a consideration of their political dimensions.

4. Surround Health’s “Public Health Top 10 List for 2013”—This is a list that looks into the future and presents a ranking of “public health milestones to look forward to in the coming year”. While the previous list highlights major public health stories and their political dimensions, I’ve included this list because it highlights a range of political issues and in turn discusses how they influence health. Examples include the health impacts of US immigration reform, gun control, and cuts to social security.

3. Croakey’s “Recommended reading for your summer holidays, from Croakey contributors”—Ok so I’ve bent the inclusion criteria a little bit for this one since it’s not technically a “top 10”, but like I said it was a struggle to find SDOH friendly lists, and you’ll thank me anyways because this has some really great reading recommendations from some very SDOH inclined public health folk.

2. Corporations & Health Watch’s “Books on Corporations and Health from 2012”—This book list comes from an organization concerned with how corporate industry practices influence health—if you didn’t find enough reading material for 2013 in the list prior, look no further.

1. Globalization and Health’s “Most viewed articles in the past year”—Ok, I bent the rules again. This unofficial list comes from Globalization and Health, an open access journal and a great resource for keeping up to date on SDOH research.

And don’t forget, Healthy Policies is in the running for its own “best of” list over at Healthline’s Best Health Blog of 2012 contest. We’re the only SDOH blog in the running and just barely keeping up with the current top 10 contenders—mostly lifestyle and weight-loss blogs—so make sure you vote every day until the 15th of February here!


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